Sock it to me!

Hand-made gifts are perfect for the holiday season, or any gift-giving moment. These retro-inspired slipper socks make a great gift for friends, family, teachers, or office mates.

They're also the perfect project for learning how to knit socks! In this self-paced e-course, instructor Vickie Howell will show you how to negotiate double-pointed needles, knit a reinforced heel, turn a heel gusset, work basic, stranded color-work, shape and graft a toe, and finish a slipper sock. You'll learn everything you need to successfully finish a pair!

Meet your instructor: Vickie Howell

Vickie ​is the founder/Stitcher-in-Chief of YarnYAY!, an award-winning broadcaster, author, designer & entrepreneur. Over a decade and a half, through various television shows, YouTube videos, online courses, conference tours books, and the longest-running Facebook Live craft series, Ask Me Monday - she’s had the privilege of teaching hundreds of thousands of stitchers new yarn-y skills. It’s her mission to empower people to lean into creativity by making DIY totally doable! She's the mom of three, wife to one, and lives in Austin, TX. 

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Vickie Howell Aqua Wooden Double-Pointed Needle Set

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Slipper Sock Class Kit

Taking the Go-to Slipper Sock Class? Try the YarnYAY! Class Kit to go with it! This kit includes everything you need to make the pair of socks taught in this YarnYAY! class.

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